The Punjab Government Employees Conduct Rules 1966

The Government Employees (Conduct) Rules, 1966

The Punjab Government Employees Conduct Rules 1966 were framed by the Punjab Government under Articles 309 and 318 of the Constitution of India. You can view the rules and download pdf directly from our site by clicking the link given below.

The Index of the Contents of Rules.

1Short Title, commencement and application
4Employment of near relative of Government employee in Companies or firm
5Taking part in politics and elections
6Joining of Associations by Government employee
7Demonstration and Strikes
8Connection with Press or Radio
9Criticism of Government
10Evidence before Committee or any other authority
11Unauthorised Communication of information
13AProhibition to give, take or demand dowry
14Public demonstration in honor of Government employees
15Private trade or Employment
16Investment lending and borrowing
17Insolvency and habitual indebtedness
18Movable, Immovable and Valuable Property
18ARestriction in relation to acquisition and disposal of immovable property outside India and transaction with foreigner etc
19Vindication of acts and character of Government employees
20Canvassing of non-official or other influence
21Restriction regarding marriage
22Consumption of intoxicating drinks and drugs
24Delegation of powers
25Repeal and saving
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