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The Punjab Civil Services Rules Volume I Part-II

Introduction with Civil Services Rules Volume I, Part II

The Punjab Civil Services Rules Volume I Part-II contains 24 appendixes. Each appendix has relevance with the rules contained in CSR Volume I, Part I. Out of these 24 appendixes, Appendix No. 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 14, 15, 19 and 21 have been omitted being redundant. Appendix wise brief detail is as under:-

#The Punjab Civil Services Rules Volume I Part-II

Appendix No.Rule in which referredSubject
11.1,1.2(b)(1),(2), (3), 1.3Extracts from the various articles of the Constitution of India
21.4(ii)List of Government employees employed occasionally or who are liable to discharge at one month’s notice or less
7Note 4 to Rule 5.35List of Government employees granted rent free quarters
8Note 5 to 5.57Rules regulating the acceptance of fees by Government medical officers from private persons or bodies or public bodies for services other then professional attendance.
9Note 1 to Rule 5.64General instructions for regulating the patenting of inventions made by Government employees whose duties involve the carrying out of scientific or technical research.
11Note to Rule 8.3 note 2 Rule 8.48(a) (2),Rule 8.50Instructions issued by the Controller and Auditor General of India in order to secure efficiency and uniformity or audit in relation to leave procedure.
128.23Authorities empowered to grant leave.
13Note to rule 8.44 (a) and 8.43(b)Leave procedure in the case, of a Govt. employee on leave out of India
16Note to Rule 8.57Model terms for the grant of leave to GE engaged on contract
178.61Rules for the grant of casual and quarantine leave
18No. to paragraph 2 of annexure I to section 1 of chapter VIIIList of GEs serving in Vacation Department.
20Note to Rule 8.126Rules relating to the grant of additional leave to GE for the study of scientific, technical study.
20A.Note below Rule 6.2Terms to grant to Govt. employees sent on training abroad under various training programmes.
22Foot Note below Rule 3.26 and 5.32 The Govt. employees(Premature Retirement), Rules, 1975:-
i) After 20 years service GE can take premature retirement after giving 3 months’ notice and in that case, 5 years benefit is to be given in qualifying service;
ii) Govt. can also retire by giving three months’ notice or 50 years age to any GE;
iii) Pay to be deposited for the period for which notice falls short of 3 months.
2314.8The Punjab Govt. employees Conduct Rules, 1966:-
i) No influence of position in Govt.;
ii) No part in politics or election;
iii) No union or association;
iv)No strike or demonstration;
v) No connection with radio or press;
vi) No criticism of Govt.;
vii) No gift to be taken;
viii) No purchase of moveable or immoveable property without Govt. sanction/approval- Vide letter dated 19.9.2011 rule 18(2) & (3) replaced as 18(2) that sale/purchase/transfer, if the amount exceeds one month's gross salary; Vide letter dated 17.5.2012 Property return to be enclosed with the ACR every year otherwise incomplete ACR.
ix) No private employment or extra work;
x) No canvassing of non official or other influence;
xi) No intoxicating drinks and drugs;
2414.3 and 14.9These rules are called the Punjab Civil Services (Punishment & Appeal) Rules,1970:-
i) Suspension in case disciplinary proceedings are contemplated; any case regarding criminal offence; in police custody for more than 48 hours;
ii) Charge sheet under rule 8 or 10 – minor penalties – major penalties;
iii) Inquiry must if charge sheet is u/r 8;
iv) Legal assistance by the delinquent official;
v)Enquiry report to be considered and punishment proposed;
vi) Personal hearing and then decision on the quantum of punishment;
vii) No appeal against the orders of Punishment shall be entertained unless it is preferred within a period of 45 days from the date on which a copy of order against which appeal is to be filed, is delivered to the appellant
viii) Provided that the Appellate Authority may entertain the appeal after the expiry of the said period if it is satisfied that the appellant has sufficient cause for not preferring the appeal in time.

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