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The Punjab Civil Services Rules Volume I Part-I

The Punjab CSR Vol-1 Part-1

This book has been divided into 15 chapters. Chapter XIII was omitted. Chapter wise synopses of remaining chapters are as under:-

Chapter I

  1. The extent of application – applicable w.e.f. 01.04.1953. Applicable to all Classes I, II, III & IV (now Group A, B, C & D); Employees of Punjab Vidhan Sabha & Punjab and Haryana High Court and PPSC. However, Govt. may or may not apply these rules to any specific category, with a special order.
  2. In the Punjab Civil Services Rules, Volume-1, Part I, in rule 1.2, the following proviso shall be added at the end of sub-rule (1):

“Provided that the rules in Part I-Pension in Volume II of these rules called the Punjab Civil Service Rules, Volume II shall not apply to the Government employees who are appointed to the posts mentioned in categories (1) to (5) above on or after the Ist January 2004. They shall be covered by ‘New Defined Contributory Pension Scheme’ to be notified by the State Government in due course”.

Chapter II

All types of Definitions used in the offices or in the course of discharge of duties by the Govt. employees have been covered under this chapter.

For example: Audit office or AG Punjab, Active service, age, competent authority, day [5.3(a) of PFR for definition], duty, family, first appointment, gazetted government employee, Head of the Department, Head of the office, headquarter, holiday, joining time, leave salary, lien, Military service, month, pay, pension, substantive pay, temporary post, tenure post, timescale, transfer traveling allowance etc.

Chapter III

  1. Conditions regarding health and age,
    -If the only year is known then 1st July. if year and month are known then 16th of that month (note I below rule 7.3 of PFR).
  2. Medical certificate of fitness for women Govt. employee,
  3. age of entry into govt service
  4. Vaccination and re-vaccination as and when ordered by the Govt.
  5. Substantive appointment and lien
  6. Subscription to Provident Fund
  7. Date of reckoning pay and allowances
  8. The charge of the office, continuous absence from duty; and
  9. Retirement.

Chapter IV

  1. Pay General
  2. Fixation of initial pay
  3. Grant of increment
  4. Increments
  5. Proficiency step up after 8-18 years
  6. ACP scheme after 8-16-24-32 years
  7. ACP scheme after 4-9-14 years up to 27.5.2009.
  8. Then Dynamic carrier progression scheme, which was withdrawn.
  9. Now again w.e.f. 28.5.2009 the scheme of 8-16-24-32, 4-9-14 & 17.04.2000 pertaining to 11 categories is applicable on the same terms – vide letter No. 7/60/2006-5PPI/876, dated 20.12.2011.
  10. Transfer from higher to lower post
  11. Pay of officiating Govt. employees
  12. Personal pay
  13. Combination of appointments.

Chapter V

  1. Additions to pay:-
    (a) Compensatory allowances;
    (b) House rent allowance;
    (c) City compensatory allowance;
    (d) Conveyance allowance;
    (e) Dearness allowance
    (f) Non Practising allowance to PCMS, Veterinary Doctors, Ayurvedic Medical Officers & Homeopathic Doctors – subject to a maximum of Rs. 85000/-.
    (g) cash handling allowance
    (h) Diet allowance
    (i) special allowance
    (j) Mobile Allowance Rs.500/-, 300/-, 150/-, 100/- per month. Further revised to 250/- for categories C & D w.e.f. 01.12.2011.
  2. Rent of Government residences :-
    (a) Assessment of rent;
    (b) Standard Rent
    (c) Conditions of tenancy and Rent payable by Govt. employee
    (d) Revision of License fee;
    (e) Rent free accommodation ;
    (f) General Rules regarding allotment of residences.

Chapter VI

  1. Deputation out of India
  2. Standard terms and conditions of Deputation.

Chapter VII

  1. Dismissal, Removal, Suspension, and Resignation
  2. Cessation of Pay and allowances on Removal or dismissal
  3. Allowance during the period of suspension;
  4. Allowances on reinstatement;
  5. Leave to Govt employee under suspension
  6. Permission to leave headquarter during the suspension
  7. Forfeiture of service on resignation

Chapter VIII

Leave Rules/instructions for the Punjab Govt. officials

What are different kinds of leave?

  1. Earned leave – 8.116 (i) and (ii)
  2. Leave preparatory to Retirement – 8.116(iii)
  3. Half pay leave – 8.119(a) & (b)
  4. Commuted leave – 8.119 (c)
  5. Leave not due – 8.119(d)
  6. EOL 8.121
  7. Special disability leave 8.124
  8. Study leave – 8.126
  9. Maternity leave – 8.127 (a)
  10. Hospital leave – 8.127 (c)
  11. Terminal leave – 8.138 A.
  12. Adoption leave – 8.128 – A
  13. Child Care leave – 8.128 – B

How is leave earned?

Leave is earned by duty as well as leave except for EOL. 8.1 of CSR Vol 1, part I.

What are the rates of earned leave?

  • Up to 10 years’ service- (15 days);
  • Next 10 years’ service- (20 days);
  • Thereafter, (30 days)

Which period is countable for calculating earned leave?

With effect from 24.11.1988, the period spent on duty and all kinds of leave except EOL are countable for calculating earned leave.

What is the extent of accumulation of earned leave?

  • Up to 30.6.59-180 days;
  • 7.59 to 23.11.88 -no limit;
  • 11.88 to 17.11.97-360 days; and
  • 11.97 onwards- 450 days. . .

Leave accounts are required to be maintained?

Yes, leave accounts of Gazetted and Non-Gazetted shall be maintained by the HoD or HoO, as the case may be. 8.51 of CSR Vol 1, part I.

Can leave be claimed as a matter of right?

No leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right. Competent Authority can refuse to leave if the circumstances of public service so warrant. 8.15 of CSR Vol 1, part I.

In which form the leave or an extension thereof should be applied?

Application for leave should be made on form Punjab CSR No. 2. 8.4 of CSR.

Can leave sanctioning authority (LSA) refuse the leave applied for by a GE?

The LSA can refuse the leave applied for when the exigencies of public service so require. 8.15 of CSR Vol 1, part I.

Can the nature of leave due and applied for being altered (changed) at the option of the LSA?

The nature of the leave cannot be altered at the option of the LSA. 8.15 of CSR Vol 1, Part I.

Can EOL be sanctioned when earned leave is due and applied?

EOL may be sanctioned in special circumstances i.e. when no other leave is due or when other leave is admissible but GE himself applies for the same. 8.122 of CSR Vol 1, part I.

Does the grant of medical certificate confer upon any right of the GE to leave?

No this does not in itself confer upon any right to leave. It must be sanctioned. He will be treated as absent. 8.16(1) of CSR Vol 1, part I.

Who can issue the medical certificate for leave to a GE?

Medical certificate given by an RMP or a Vaid or Hakim or a Homoeopathic Practitioner is valid for sanctioning leave on the medical ground. However, the authority competent to sanction leave reserve the right to seek a second medical opinion from the Civil Surgeon or Asstt. Civil Surgeon. 8.13 of CSR Vol 1, part I.

Can leave be granted to GE whom the CA has decided to dismiss (etc) from service?

No. leave shall not be granted to such employee. 8.19 of CSR Vol 1, part I.

Can Sundays and other holidays be prefixed and suffixed?

Yes, Sundays and other holidays including restricted holidays can be suffixed and prefixed. 8.26 of CSR Vol 1, part I and letter dated 4.4.1973.

Can private or commercial employment be taken during leave?

Ordinarily No. But can accept with the previous sanction of the CA. 8.41 of CSR Vol 1, part I.

Can a GE be recalled from leave?

Yes but some concessions like TA for the return journey, period on the voyage for calculation of leave before 24.11.88, etc are to be given to him. 8.42 of CSR Vol 1, part I.

Can a GE on leave resume the duty at his own?

No. He cannot return to the duty before the expiry of leave unless he is permitted to do so by the CA. 8.43 of CSR Vol 1, part I.

Can a GE on medical certificate return to duty on expiry of leave?

No, unless he submits medical fitness certificate. 8.44 of CSR Vol 1, part I.

Can a GE who is on leave return to the same duty?

No. He should report his arrival and await orders. 8.45 and 8.46 of CSR Vol 1, part I.

What is to be done if GE does not resume duty after expiry of leave? Or what is overstayal of leave?

Unless the CA extends the leave, no leave salary to be paid for the period of absence, period to be debited to leave account as HPL or if not due, EOL.

Wilful absence may attract disciplinary action. 8.47 of CSR Vol 1, part I.

Is leave admissible to GE engaged on a contract basis?

Leave admissible to the GE engaged on the contract will be determined by the terms of their contract. But those should not be in excess of leave admissible to the permanent GE. 8.57 of CSR Vol 1, part I.

What is EOL and when it can be granted?

EOL is a leave without any salary. It can be granted when no other leave is admissible or the GE himself applies for it. 8.121 of CSR Vol. I, part I.

What is leave salary?

Monthly amount paid to the GE on leave. 2.34 and 8.122 of CSR Vol. I, part I.

At what rate the leave salary to be paid?

An officer on earned leave is entitled to leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave.

What are additional kinds of leave granted in special circumstances?

  1. Special disability leave of maximum 24 months where a GE has been disabled to perform his duties – 8.124 of CSR Vol.I, part I.
  2. Study leave to study scientific and technical and similar problems. Not to be debited to leave account. 8.126 of CSR Vol.I, part I.
  3. Maternity leave to a female GE for 180 days – not to be debited to leave account. 8.127(a) of CSR Vol.I, part I.
  4. After 8.11.1995 maternity leave for miscarriage or abortion to be restricted to 45 days during the entire service. 8.127 note 2 of CSR Vol.I, part I.
  5. Hospital leave may be given to Group IV and III employees whose duties involve handling of dangerous machinery, explosive material, and poisonous drugs etc. not to be debited to the leave account. 8.127(c) of CSR Vol.I, Part I.
  6. Adoption leave upto 3 months age of the adopted child as admissible to a female who does not have her own child. Rule 8.128-A of CSR Vol. 1 Part 1.
  7. Child Care Leave, on full pay, for a maximum period of 365 days during the entire service of a female employee, for taking care of two eldest children below 18 years. Leave can be availed of in more than one spell, but not more than 3 spells in a calendar years and for not less than 15 days at a time. It is not debitable to Regular Leave Account but Separate Leave Account of this Leave is to be maintained, in the Service Book. This leave is not admissible to a female on daily wages, work-charged or contract and during Probation period except on Medicate Certificate of the child from the Civil Surgeon. Rule 8.128 – B of CSR Vol. 1 Part 1.
  8. Paternity leave of 15 days as commuted leave can be granted to Male GE having less than two children. Rule 8.128 (1) of CSR Vol 1 Part 1.

Which kinds of leave are not debitable to the Leave A/c?

  1. EOL 8.121
  2. Special disability leave 8.124
  3. Study leave – 8.126
  4. Maternity leave – 8.127 (a)
  5. Hospital leave – 8.127 (e)
  6. Adoption Leave – 8.128 – A
  7. Child Care Leave – 8.128 – B

Up to what extent leave encashment is given?

On retirement or death, Cash equivalent of leave salary in lieu of unutilized earned leave. Maximum for 300 days. It is pay plus DA and not CCA and HRA etc. 8.21 (a) of CSR Vol 1, part I.

How is LE calculated?

Pay+DA admissible on the date of retirement X no. of days of unutilized leave/30 subject to maximum 300 w.e.f.1.1.1996. 8.21(c) of CSR Vol 1, part I. Example:

Pay in pay band                   30000

Grade Pay                             6600

DA on above (65%)             23790

Total                          60390 X 300   = 603900. 


Payable amount is Rs.6,03,390/-

 Is leave encashment to be given to the family of GE who dies while in service?

Yes, the amount is to be paid to the family of the GE. 8.122 (8) of CSR Vol. I, part I.

Can leave encashment (LE) be withheld?

Yes LE can be withheld, where disciplinary proceedings are pending and the possibility of some amount becoming recoverable is there. 8.21(a) of CSR Vol 1, part I read with letter no. 3-2(3)-1FCD-86/1730, dated 11.2.1987.

When leave at credit is lapsed?

On the date of retirement, the accumulated leave beyond 300 days will lapse to the Govt. 8.21 of CSR Vol 1, part I.

Encashment of Earned Leave while availing LTC to visit any place in India

Upto 10 days of Earned Leave at the time of availing LTC subject to a Maximum of 60 days during entire service. Husband and wife both employee can draw 10 days encashment each. – Rule 8.22 of CSR Vol 1 Part 1.

What are the provisions of leave to GE appointed on contract?

Provision for leave to them is required to include in their contract itself as provided in proviso to Rule 8.57 and as per Model Terms and Conditions for leave as provided in Appendix 16 of CSR Vol I, Part II.

Casual and quarantine leave

Is a GE on casual leave treated as absent?

GE on casual and quarantine leave is not treated as absent. He is on duty. 8.60 of CSR Vol 1, part I.

What is the scale of casual leave, how is it calculated and how is its accounting?

  1. Scale
    It is admissible as follows:-
    (a) To employees with 10 years’ service or less – 10 days;
    (b) To employees with more than 10 years service but less than 20 years service – 15 days;
    (c) To employees with over 20 years service – 20 days;
    (d) Women employees are entitled 20 days CL every year irrespective of the number of years of service put in by them. Appendix 17 of CSR Vol 1 Part II
  2. How calculated:
    From the date the employee completes 10th or 20th year of service, he will get casual leave according to the next higher scale, from the beginning of the calendar year.
  3. Accounting of casual leave:
    Leave account to be maintained annually from 1st Jan to 31st Leave from 25th Dec to 5 Jan to an employee will be debited to two years’ account. Appendix 17 of CSR Vol 1, part II.

Can a GE who is on casual leave on the date of increment, draw the same?

Yes because casual leave is no leave. However, if on earned leave, increment to be drawn on joining the duty. 8.60 of CSR Vol 1, part I.

What is the treatment of casual leave?

  1. Short leave up to 2 hrs is one third; up to 3 and a half hrs – half day and beyond this period – full day.
  2. When 2nd half is declared as holiday, application for first half leave- to be treated as a full day.
  3. Full casual leaves to be given to an employee, who joins service at any time of the calendar year.

Can Restricted leave be sent from home?

Yes, restricted leave can be sent from home. Letter dated 20.4.1999.

When first half is taken as CL and second half is declared as holiday, how the leave to be treated?

The employees applying for first half day C/L to be treated as full day leave for the day when 2nd half is declared as holiday. Letter dated 28.4.1994.

Chapter IX

  1. Conditions under which joining time is admissible
  2. Calculation of Joining Time
  3. Pay during joining time
  4. Overstayal and extension of joining time

Chapter X

  1. General Conditions for foreign service
  2. Pay and Joining time
  3. Pension and Leave Salary
  4. Rate of Contribution payable on account of Pension and Leave Salary
  5. Interest on Overdue contribution
  6. Remission of Interest
  7. Leave while on Foreign service
  8. Reversion from Foreign service
  9. General conditions of deputation and deputation allowance

Chapter XI

Service under Local Funds

Chapter XII

  1. Record of service;
  2. Service record must contain:-
    Appointment; Grant of increment; selection grade, fixation of pay, leave and leave account , deputation, transfer, suspension, reinstatement, resignation, termination of service, promotion/reversion, reduction in rank  and retirement on superannuation.
  3. Copy of service book can be obtained by depositing fee of Rs.5/- only.

Chapter XIII

Passages – omitted.

Chapter XIV

  1. Classification of service – Class I, II, III & IV now Group A,B.C & D w.e.f. 21.8.2000;
  2. Rules for recruitment of various types of posts;
  3. Sanctioned strength of posts in the departments;
  4. List of State Services – 40 lists have been given;
  5. Conduct rules for the Govt. employees;
  6. Punishment and appeal rules for the Govt. employees.

Chapter XV

  1. Authorities which exercise the powers of competent authority;
  2. Rule of CSR Vol. I – Nature of Power – Authority – Extent e.g. power to declare headquarter, appointment power, power to suspend lien, power to withheld increment, power to give premature increment, honorarium, power to grant leave, extension of joining time and some powers in specified departments.

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