Ex-Gratia grant – Punjab Govt Notifications


Ex-Gratia grant – Punjab Govt Notifications

The Punjab Civil Services Rules(CSR) Volume-2, Chapter-2 contains rules (Rule 2.7 & annexure to Chapter-2) related to the payment of Ex-gratia grant to the family of Punjab Govt Employee(including All India services under State Govt.), who died while in service. Those Govt employees who are rendered unfit for further service or are permanently disabled were also entitled to Ex-gratia at the rate of Rs. 50,000/- on a uniform basis.

Ex-Gratia grant - Punjab Govt Notifications
Ex-Gratia grant – Punjab Govt Notifications

Earlier, the Ex-Gratia grant admissible to the dependents of Punjab Govt Employee dying in harness would be equal to 24 times the basic pay on the date of his/her death with a minimum amount of Rs. 1 lac and subject to a maximum amount of Rs. 3 lac; if the death of the employee occurs due to causes attributable to service, for example, for reasons which are directly/indirectly connected with the performance of official duties and is clearly relatable to the performance of such duties. Afterwards, the orders issued from time to time are briefly described below:

  • Letter no. 3/23/2009-3FPPC/879 dated 17.08.2009
    In 2009, the Department of Finance (FPPC Branch), Punjab Govt increased the maximum limit of Ex-Gratia to Rs. 3 Lac in case of death occurs in harness and to 10 Lac for death in case of performance of duty such as dealing with riots, terrorist attack or enemy action by implementing the recommendations of the 5th pay commission regarding pension and other retirement benefits vide its letter no. 3/23/2009-3FPPC/879 dated 17.08.2009. 
  • Letter no. 3/19/2010-3FPPC/1251 dated 13.10.2010
    In 2010, the Department of Finance, Punjab Govt amended the instructions dated 17.08.2009 vide it’s letter no. 3/19/2010-3FPPC/1251 Dated 13.10.2010 and ordered that where death occurs in harness or the Govt employee is permanently disabled and rendered unfit for further service, the Ex-Gratia grant shall be paid at the rate of 1 Lac on uniform basis. In case of death occurs in harness the minimum and maximum limits were changed to 2 Lac and 4 Lac respectively. Whereas in case of death occurs due to performance of duty such as dealing with riots, terrorist attack or enemy action the amount of Ex-Gratia remained same i.e. Rs. 10 Lac. These orders came into force with effect from 01.01.2006        
  • Letter no. 3/19/2010-3FPPC/1368 dated 16.12.2011
    Further, in 2011, the Finance Department decided to vide its letter no. 3/19/2010-3FPPC/1368 Dated 16.12.2011 that in case of accidental or homicidal death of an employee during the performance of duty, his legal heirs will be entitled to a lump sum payment of Rs. 5 Lac as Ex-Gratia grant. However, this shall not be admissible in case of those Govt employees who commit suicide during the performance of duty. If was further decided that those employees who incur complete permanent disability during the performance of duty rendering them unfit for further service will also be entitled to the full amount of Ex-Gratia payment admissible, but in case of partial permanent disability during the performance of duty, Ex-Gratia payable under rules shall be proportionate to the percentage of partial permanent disability incurred by him. These orders came into effect from 01.12.2011.
  • Letter no. 2/19/2016-2FPPC/563 dated: 10.03.2019
    by now, the Department of Finance vide its letter dated 10.03.2019 extended the benefits of Ex-Gratia grant to the Govt employees recruited after 01.01.2004.

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